Best Spots For Cheap Sushi In Toronto

Living in an expensive city has most of us locals on the search for cheap eats in Toronto – while many consider sushi to be an expensive affair, there is a long list of spots serving up tasty rolls for a decent price. Read on to discover the 12 best sushi restaurants that will satisfy your sushi cravings without breaking the bank.

Akai Sushi
Akai Sushi, located off Harbord near Spadina, is a hidden gem with a relaxed vibe serving up sushi, apps, udon and a long list of classic, veggie and ‘dragon’ rolls (their version of specialty rolls). Two-piece sushi ranges from $2.99-$5.99, with uni being the most expensive at $7.99, sashimi (three pieces) ranges from $3.99-$8.99 and most rolls are under $9.99 – aside from a handful of specialty rolls that go for between $11.99 and $12.99. Head here for the lunch special, when you can get eight pieces of salmon sushi and four pieces of tuna sushi plus miso soup and salad for $12.99 (other fab options available).

Sushi and Bento
Sushi and Bento, located off Dundas St W near University, is a go-to spot for locals – either for the lunch special, which ranges from $10.95-$13.95 depending on which option you order, and served with soup and miso salad (sushi options available) or the well-priced à la carte rolls. Two-piece sushi ranges from $3.95-$5.95; three-piece sashimi goes for between $4.96 and $6.95, and most rolls are under eight bucks except for a few specialty rolls that run between $8.95 and $11.95 alongside a couple of pricey ones at $13.95 and $14.95. The quality of the sushi is great, and the price is always right. Favourites include the red dragon – available on the lunch menu – and the diablo.

Sushi California
Sushi California is one of the best spots for overindulging on sushi – all rolls are under $10.95 with the majority of them being around the $5 range for eight to nine+ pieces; there are even rolls for under $2 here. One-piece sushi and sashimi range from 99 cents to $2.50, and other items like miso soup and gyoza are ridiculously priced (think 99 cents for soup and $2.95 for six dumplings). While the prices are low, the quality of the fish is still spot on, and you’re bound to leave satisfied. Favourites include the black dragon roll, Chicago roll and crunch roll.

Sushi on Bloor
Sushi on Bloor is known to the Annex locals as *the* spot for the best bang-for-your-buck sushi – with students on a tight budget scouring the area for cheap eats, it’s no wonder this spot ranks as one of the most popular joints in the neighbourhood. Rolls are $5.35-$9.95, with most averaging around the $6-$7 range; sushi nigiri goes for around $4 for two pieces, and you can get four pieces of sashimi for around $6. Sushi on Bloor also offers a fab lunch special, with the choice of an eight-piece roll or four-piece sashimi as well as six pieces of maki for only $7.25. If you’re into adding drinks to your visit, beers run for $7-$8 and sake $9. Kampai!

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